Do your Parents Know the Benefits of Martial Arts?

Are you ready to take your team to the next level and demonstrate real value to parents of potential new students?

Keep reading to find out 25 ways children can benefit from YOUR unparalleled martial arts program! 


Let’s get started! 

As someone committed to a lifelong martial arts study, you understand a martial arts training brings with it a myriad of advantages for children and adults alike. But, do your potential members know everything a solid martial arts background will provide to further their child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth? 

For those serving the martial arts industry, these benefits are a no-brainer. Many gym owners mistakenly assume their potential members know the advantages of enrolling their child in a martial arts program. This is far from the truth. For many parents, you are the first contact they’ve had with the martial arts world. It is up to you to educate parents on the benefits their child will receive during the selling process and continue to re-educate them throughout their child’s martial arts journey. 

Can your team name three benefits of martial arts off the top of their heads? They must be thoughtfully trained, by you, to communicate this value with ease so more of your potential students are converted to members, ready to gain the benefits your impressive programs provide! 

In this article, we will break down the benefits of a martial arts education at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Future articles will expand on these sub-categories but, for now, let’s stick to the basics. 

Physical Benefits

  • Decreased Chance of Childhood Obesity 
  • Promotes an Active Lifestyle
  • Balance and Posture
  • Stamina and Endurance 
  • Strengthened Muscles 
  • Improved Reflexes
  • Coordination 
  • Motor Skills 
  • Flexibility 

Mental Benefits 

  • Increased Ability to Follow Directions
  • Good Decision Making 
  • Improved Focus
  • Practice Listening Skills 
  • Memory and Retention 
  • Self-Control 

Emotional Benefits

  • Positive Social Interaction 
  • Increased Self-Esteem 
  • Anti-Bullying Education 
  • Friendship and Social Skills 
  • Self-Discipline 
  • Confidence 
  • Respect 
  • Teamwork 

This list is only the beginning of what students get out of your amazing program! 

As you can see, the advantages of a children’s martial arts curriculum are vast. At Unparalleled Marital Arts, we fiercely believe every child in the world deserves a strong martial arts foundation to propel them to academic success and launch them into a lifetime of achievement. 

Remind parents you are focused on their child’s total development; physical, mental, and emotional. They will be thrilled and come to see your martial arts program as a necessity in their child’s life. In turn, you foster relationships with loyal parents who trust you as an ally in their child’s growth through adulthood. Everyone wins! 

Now, get back to the mat and continue providing your students with engaging classes and unparalleled service! 


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